HRT Podcast #1: Hello, folks!

Download (MP3)

 Pi and Ariel introduce themselves to the massive audience and talk about current trans issues.



  1. Hi, pilot episode was great. Keep up the good work. I’m a heterosexual male from Finland myself and I find this kind of podcast very informative. Pi was talking about some kind of surgery in the possible future. What kind of alternative solutions are there in general level? For example, Pi was talking about removing testicles. I have also heard surgeries that you can get rid of everything and change you gender completely with surgery. Does it work in both directions? For example can born female get working penis via surgery? What kind of side effects these surgeries have and are they dangerous?


  2. Hello and thanks for the new podcast.

    The episode was interesting and fun to listen.

    Do you have any advices on how to cope with body dysphoria? What do you personally do or think to feel better about your body?


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