HRT Podcast #5: Is It Lying?

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When does telling white lies about your body become too much of a lie to be comfortable with? Or is the question even relevant when talking about trans* people? That question, current events, your feedback and other trains of thought are explored this time in the podcast.


One comment

  1. I hadn´t really thought about the shower thing. Just had been thinking, breasts – to female section, man stuff – to male, but yeah, if you have both then..that´s harder. And if you don´t define yourself either, that too might make things complicated. Then I thought about how many choices there should be, would: “male, female, other” suffice or should the other section be divided to subsections also? And would the term “other” be somewhat insulting. Oh, when you start thinking about these things there´s always something more that pops up in your mind.

    Nice work with the podcast, keep it coming and thanks.

    from an ordinary straight guy..


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