HRT Podcast #6: No Shit, Research

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So, we had a bit of an unintentional mini-hiatus, so this episode is mostly news items and feedback. But other topics are touched upon, as per usual. So sit back and enjoy your recommended dosage of tranntastic talk radio.


I’m a Guy

Anti-Trans Ad

Barney Frank

Research shows what we’ve known



One comment

  1. Hello! Thanks for answering my question again. 🙂

    I am taking the bait: what does HRT stand for if not hormone replacement therapy?

    Also: you’ve talked about both physical and emotional changes. It sounds like some of the emotional changes have been challenging as well as interesting. If you could somehow take hormones that would change your bodies and voices without any effect on your emotions or personality, would you want to do that? Or do you feel like the psychological effects are also a good thing?


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